11 Artists You Need To Know For The Rest Of 2014

11 Artists You Need To Know For The Rest Of 2014

Summer's unofficially over, but a variety of artists used the last few months to get their name out there. Here are 11 artists to know as we enter the final third of 2014.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the project of 17-year-old Australian Tim Bettinson, which is a bit confusing, but don鈥檛 let that stop you from tumbling into the gentle waves of his atmospheric production. The influence of artists like Bon Iver and Sigur R贸s is very clear on tracks like 鈥淔laws,鈥 but Bettinson adds his own touch, making for the next great name in Bon Ive-R&B (we鈥檙e with you on this one, Guardian).


The first member of the rising label Visionary Music Group is Logic. From sleeping on a friend鈥檚 couch, broke, to one of the most anticipated debut releases in hip-hop this year, Logic exemplifies what it means to grind for everything you receive. Wielding one of the cleanest flows in the game, Logic is a name that will be remembered in hip-hop for a long time.

Heavy English

Continuing the legacy of trendsetting that is Long Island rock, Heavy English is undefinable. Unafraid to write poppier songs like 鈥21 Flights,鈥 and then follow it up with some gritty, organ-tinted rock 鈥檔鈥 roll, the band has a little bit of everything for everyone. With a record deal finally signed, Heavy English is set to become one of 2015鈥檚 big players.


It was no more than a week ago that Brolly appeared in our vision, but sometimes all you need is one listen to understand that an artist is creating something truly special. Comparable to the sounds of bands like Coldplay and Death Cab for Cutie, Brolly's 鈥淲olfe鈥 EP is a stellar introduction to their gorgeous brand of ambient rock. We can only hope these guys will be around for many years to come to continue to tug at our hearts.


The second member of the rising label Visionary Music Group is QuESt. Thanks to some steady promotion by music site HotNewHipHop, QuESt has come to greater attention. Releasing his 鈥淪earching Sylvan鈥 mixtape on Sept. 2, QuESt is about to prove himself one of the most promising storytellers in hip-hop. This isn鈥檛 just one of the best mixtapes or hip-hop releases this year. This is one of the best albums all year.


Fresh to the scene, Dorothy is bringing back the eff you rock mentality that has been absent for far too long. Blistering riffs paired with vocalist Dorothy鈥檚 (yes, the band is named after her) loud-as-hell-and-in-your-face vocals will have you head banging within seconds of listening to one of their songs. If it doesn鈥檛, then you probably have morals or something.


Electronic duo Hopium has kept their faces hidden in the shadows, but the anticipation of the resolution to this mystery is incomparable to that of the wait for a proper release. Their first single, 鈥淐ut,鈥 brought about some stunning visuals, and the second single, 鈥淒reamers,鈥 is a dismantling slice of sublime production. Please give us more, Hopium.

Jon Bellion

The third member of the rising label Visionary Music Group is Jon Bellion. While Bellion is capable of laying down a 16 on any track with his labelmates, Bellion is VMG鈥檚 secret pop weapon. He won鈥檛 be a secret for long though, because while many will try to compare his production and vocals to one of today鈥檚 most popular names in pop, the tables might soon be turned.

From Indian Lakes

It's a huge accomplishment when any band sells out show after show on their first headlining tour, but it鈥檚 especially significant when you are a band that is currently confined to the vision of underground music media. From Indian Lakes鈥 third studio album, 鈥淎bsent Sounds,鈥 is looking to blur those lines with their indie rock gold, and with releases like 鈥淕hosts,鈥 there鈥檚 no reason any should be ignoring the songwriting prowess of Joey Vannucchi and the rest of the band.

Royal Blood

When oversimplified, Royal Blood is basically blues rock on steroids. The duo's self-titled debut has been lighting up the Internet lately, and the praise is deserved. Yet for all the plaudits the album is worthy of, it is the band鈥檚 live show that captures them in their rawest and most kickass form.

Mo Lowda & The Humble

Mo Lowda & The Humble have gotten plenty of comparisons to Kings of Leon, and when you listen to the vocals, one can understand why. However, Mo Lowda鈥檚 instrumentals draw from a different and greater variety of influences in sound and, in our opinion, contain more creative song structure. Either way, Mo Lowda has some serious chops and it鈥檚 almost impossible not to fall in love with their debut 鈥淐urse the Weather."

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