CULTURE & ARTS And Design Miami Collaborate For Online Preview Of Upcoming Art Fair (PHOTOS)

The countdown for Design Miami has officially begun, but who wants to wait until December 5 to take in all the sleek forms from modern and contemporary design masters? For those who want a sneak peek, is providing an online preview with over 400 works available for your viewing pleasure before they hit the fair.

artsy design miami preview

Works by designers including Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Wendell Castle and Pierre Charpin will be available for your online perusal, along with 150 other top inventors of innovative furniture forms. We highly recommend going through the list to strategize before you actually get to Miami, because we imagine things are going to get stressful once you're there.

In a phone interview with The Huffington Post,'s President Sebastian Cwilich said:

"There have been art fairs where the online experience really doesn't do justice to the fair. The participation is spotty and when people participate they don't have the things you would really see at their booths. We have all 36 exhibitors who will be at the fair. All of them have provided a significant representation of their work.", the Art Genome Project, is a Pandora-esque website that illuminates connections between artists and eras to help you curate a digital database of art. As the New York Times cheekily put it: "If you like Jackson Pollock’s ‘No. 1,’ you may also enjoy Mark Rothko’s ‘No. 18.’”

"The way the great museums of the world create revelatory experiences around art, the same kind of resources should be available in the digital space," said Cwilich during the phone interview. "We've combined engineers and art historians to create this reverential space around art online."

In recent weeks, the website has been working to extend its core search technology to include more works by notable industrial designers. As Cwilich explains, "There is a very close connection between high end collectible design and fine art. Collectible design can be an accessible way for people to get involved with art for the first time." He continued, "It is something that allows someone without a lot of art historical background to engage [with]."

If you're in the area, make sure to visit Design Miami from December 5-9, and see a slideshow of's works on view below.

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