As Above so Below, the Soul Awakens

As Above so Below, the Soul Awakens
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Everywhere I look lately there is something stirring. On a macro level there's a collective heartfelt call for governing bodies, in whatever shape they may take, to operate with more integrity for humanity and for the planet in general. I have also witnessed this air of unease at a micro level.

People approach in ever increasing numbers feeling a deep need for personal change from within. Many have expressed this unease as a rude awakening. Earlier, I gazed outside at the first snowdrops poking their heads into the frosty February morning and I wondered if they too were reluctantly obeying this same instruction to awaken. Is life pre-ordained after all?

As I marinated my heart and mind in this phenomenon I found myself opening up to the wonderful possibility that all this unrest could be the beginning of mankind moving into a new paradigm. The public at large desire changes in the structure of the society in which they live.

There is corruption in all societal systems from capitalism to communism. Corruption is caused by negative human impulses, like greed and a need to win "at all costs" for example. Could it be that the human race is both collectively and individually outgrowing these antiquated lower desires that leave every social system in ruins? Or is it just a coincidence that the need for change at all levels is happening all at once?

Society is like a jigsaw that has become self-aware and finds that it's discontent. But not only does the jigsaw desire change but it comes to light that all of the pieces also want to carve out another role for themselves within the jigsaw. We have always been faced with change but not on this magnitude.

Many have had enough of war and the scare mongering that is perpetually channelled through every TV set. One thing is certain. The human race will annihilate both itself and the planet if we do not engage in some wisdom, a human faculty that has been largely dormant in macro and micro decision making since the time of Socrates. This inner and outer unrest is not a calling to war and more human suffering but rather an urge to evolve beyond the status quo and the current frame of reference. At some point it becomes better to step into the unknown and create a new reality than to tolerate an ever-deteriorating quality of existence. The time is fast approaching when there are unprecedented choices to be made.

So, like Morpheus, I offer you the blue or the red pill. Which are you going to take?
For me, it is a time for "A Return to Love" as Marianne Williamson would have it. For, ultimate knowledge is wisdom and ultimate wisdom is love.

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