As Hurricane Harvey Devastates, There Should Be No Room For Politics

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A category three Hurricane known as “Harvey” is in the process of sweeping through the Texas area, with projections that it could be the worst of its kind in nearly 50 years.

Texas Governor Greg Abbot and Louisiana Governor John Edwards have their hands full and I am praying for both of them. I am also, it should go without saying, praying for everybody caught up in this hurricane.

I have already seen a number of high profile people already attempting to make political hay out of this involving President Trump’s response with some criticizing him heavily for not appearing to care enough.

I can’t believe I even have to say this, but people are in serious danger. This is no time to get needlessly political. President Trump will be in contact with the Governors involved and they will handle everything the best they can. Instead of using this as another opportunity to try and bash the president, I’d suggest your energy would be better spent sending positive energy towards those affected and donating money to help them repair the eventual wreckage. Now is no time for politics and I really wish more people saw how obvious that is.

Godspeed to those caught in Harvey’s wrath. I’ll be praying for you and I hope everybody else is, too.

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