As Seen On TV: The 10 Hottest Products Right Now

While the campy, late-night infomercials may give a good laugh, "As Seen On TV" products are hotter than ever. The cost-effective and consumer friendly products, ranging from super lint rollers to foot cream, have helped turn TeleBrands, into a billion dollar direct-marketing company.

The products promoted by the New Jersey-based company come from several sources, including manufacturers, inventors, and even the CEO, but not every idea is a slam dunk. "The ones that are successful in test marketing are fairly few, because the odds of coming up with a success are pretty slim, which is just the nature of the business," TeleBrands founder and CEO A.J. Khubani told The Huffington Post. "Being in it so long, I just -- out of necessity -- started inventing some of the products myself."

After nationwide, American Idol-style product auditions and tens of thousands of dollars in marketing, Khubani and the TeleBrands team crosses their fingers and hope for a breakout success.

Check out the top 10 "As Seen On TV" products right now. (And check out DailyFinance's popular "As Seen On TV" video series here.)