As Tony Hayward Exits, Bloggers Excitedly Make Same Joke

As Tony Hayward Exits, Bloggers Excitedly Make Same Joke
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This afternoon, news came that BP chief executive Tony Hayward "is being relieved of day-to-day responsibility for managing the Gulf of Mexico oil spill." Hayward gave Congressional testimony yesterday that only seemed to anger politicians and Americans alike with his seeming disregard and disinterest with the questions being asked of him. But it was his comments several weeks ago about wanting his life back that turned him into the publicly-perceived villain of the oil spill.

With word that Hayward is out as a spokesperson, bloggers delivered the expected and necessary snark upon word of his dismissal. They did their jobs in eerily similar ways, taking Hayward's words and using them against him. Here, a collection of some of the headlined punch lines being hurled at the executive:

"Tony Hayward, BP CEO, gets his life back, no longer in charge of running Gulf cleanup operations"- New York Daily News

"Tony Hayward Gets His Life Back"-Time

"Rejoice: BP's Tony Hayward Will Get His Life Back"-Gawker

"Tony Hayward Gets His Life Back"-DealBreaker

"BP's Hayward 'Gets Life Back' in Demotion"-NewsMax

"BP CEO Tony Hayward Relieved Of Day-To-Day Gulf Duties, Gets Life Back"-Mediaite

"BP CEO Tony Hayward Does Not Want His Life Back Anymore"-New York magazine

Here's hoping Carl-Henric Svanberg steps down and in turn gets repeatedly labeled a "small person" for it.

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