Asa Butterfield Is A Teen Math Prodigy In Exclusive Clip From 'A Brilliant Young Mind'

"A Brilliant Young Mind" opens Sept. 11.

Asa Butterfield ("Hugo," "Ender's Game") plays a young genius mathematician who struggles with social interactions and relationships in "A Brilliant Young Mind."

From director Morgan Matthews and writer James Graham, the film, inspired by true events, follows Butterfield's Nathan as he travels from England to Taiwan to train for the U.K.'s national team at the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO). In an exclusive clip from the movie, Nathan arrives at the airport with his widowed mother (Sally Hawkins) and his teacher (Rafe Spall). The group meets up with Eddie Marsan's IMO squad leader Richard, who helps push Nathan to realize his potential. "A Brilliant Young Mind" opens Sept. 11.

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