A$AP Rocky & Rihanna: Rapper Calls Rihanna A 'Pothead'

'Rihanna Is A Pothead'

A$AP Rocky isn't just calling Rihanna out for her weed-smoking ways, he is celebrating her for it.

"Rihanna is a pothead and so am I, so we're real cool," A$AP Rocky said in an interview with Rolling Stone. "Weed is going to bring us together as a generation. Drugs is what created Woodstock. Let's be clear about that."

Rihanna has taken to publicizing her marijuana habits on both her Instagram account and her Twitter.

But RiRi didn't stop there. She continued to show her love for the drug on the artwork for her "Diamonds" single, which shows her hands rolling a joint full of diamonds.

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna also collaborated on a remix to Rihanna's song "Cockiness" in September. Soon after the remix dropped, A$AP Rocky shot down rumors of romance between the two and made it known that the he and Rihanna are nothing more than friends. It's a friendship that pays: He's also the opening act for her upcoming world tour.

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