When It Comes To Gay Men, Masculinity And Femininity, What's Really Going On?

"Yes, homophobia is sexism."

A new video from ASAPThought -- the self-described "science with a social conscience" YouTube channel -- asks, "Are gay men more masculine?"

A provocative question, sure, but if you watch the four-minute clip, you'll quickly realize what's really being examined is the way in which masculinity and femininity is perceived by our culture, who suffers because of how our society has defined its norms for men and women (and mostly attacks or ignores anyone who falls outside of or resists the binary) and ultimately how homophobia and sexism are intimately connected.

"Homophobia is so much more than the irrational fear of gay people," Gregory Brown notes in the video. "Calling someone 'gay' or 'a fag' is another way of calling them more feminine or a sissy or inferior, so, yes, homophobia is sexism."

Check out the full clip above and get a mini crash course in some of the biggest pitfalls of masculinity and what we can do to combat how our society thinks about what it means to be a man.



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