All Of Your Questions About What It's Like To Be Asexual Answered

"I can have a crush on someone ... but I never would have invented sex if nobody had told me that it was a thing."

We fortunately live in a world where people aren't all the same -- where different genders, sexualities, races and more manifest in myriad ways. But our differences are not always understood by one another, which is why we at The Huffington Post are committed to learning more.

On our second episode of "The Spectrum," where we explore diverse identities within the queer community, HuffPost Video's Maria Tridas explores asexuality with Bauer McClave, an activist who's asexual and the founder of ACES NYC and ACES Wild.

The two touched on McClave's personal experiences, including when she realized she was asexual, how she came out and what relationships are like for her. Check it out in the video above.

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