Asger Carlsen 'Hester' Series Captures Nudes In Contorted Poses (PHOTOS)

Normally when we say photography capturing the female nude fails to represent real women, we're talking about body image, not that a figure has one breast and two vaginas. Yet Asger Carlsen's surreal nude forms take the naked body on a warped adventure of melting flesh, twisted limbs and truncated genitalia. We're not quite sure if they qualify as not suitable for work, but the disturbing images certainly aren't suitable for right before bedtime.

surreal nudes

Carlsen worked as a crime photographer before developing his artsier side, an experience the photographer said gave him "a hint of reality" in an interview with Opening Ceremony blog. It is this startling mixture of reality and surrealism that makes Carlsen's works so jarring, as the unassuming snapshot aesthetic merges with forms so unrecognizable they could puzzle the likes of Francis Bacon and Man Ray.

Take a look at Carlsen's warped nudes below and let us know if you find them stunning, creepy or both. For more surreal nudes, check out Steven Laxton and Nadav Kander.

Asger Carlsen
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