Ash Poopie, Dog Waste Vaporizer, Could Change How You Scoop (VIDEO)

A new product from Paulee CleanTec called the "AshPoppie" is hoping to change the way dog owners clean up after their pets by turning the waste into a sterile, and supposedly odorless, ash in under a minute. The company says the ash can be used as compost material, saving the waste of plastic bags.

The technology, developed by professor Oded Shoseyov from the agricultural department of Hebrew University in Israel, is also being customized to someday be large enough for use in a self-contained human toilet.

The self-contained human toilet, which could also harness solar power to be energy independent, is probably quite a ways off considering the company has yet to even announce the price of the dog-sized device.

Equipped with a 12 volt rechargeable battery, copper cleaning brushes, and an LED to light up the target area at night, the AshPoopie requires specialized capsules that could cost as much as $20 per month for a large dog. So, unless an owner is purchasing the most expensive of bags, the relative high cost may not attract a wide customer base.

To see a video of how the AshPoppie works, check out the video below: