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Ashkan Honarvar, Dutch Artist, Recreates Gruesome Face Injuries With Candy And Ice Cream (IMAGES)

Rembrandt, De Stijl, catcopter and now this.

The Dutch artistic tradition is long and storied, and photographer Ashkan Honarvar is pushing its limits in brave new directions with his exploration of identity in times of war.

In "Faces 5," Honarvar manipulates photos, transposing ice cream and candy in place of blood and wounds to create mutilated portraits that remain jarring despite their euphemized gore.


As i09 somewhat flippantly observed, Honarvar's "unnerving photographic manipulations ... resemble artifacts of a three-way war between Candyland, The Lollipop Guild, and Wonka Mercantile Syndicates Incorporated."

Yet, "Faces 5" can also be interpreted as a comment on the anonymity of the victims of violence, and on how society desensitizes itself to atrocities.

"The body, torn by acts of war, exploited by the sex industry or used as a tool for seeking identity, is the focal point of [this] work," Honarvar states on his website.


Traumatic Face Injuries Replicated With Candy

Traumatic Face Injuries Replicated With Candy

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