Let's Get Angsty And Remember Ashlee Simpson's 'Autobiography'

July 20 marks the 10 year anniversary of Ashlee Simpson's debut album "Autobiography." Let that sink in. It means a full decade has passed since the "Saturday Night Live" lip-sync debacle, and also since you probably holed up in your room listening to "Shadow," "Pieces of Me," "La La" or any one of the album's 12 angst-ridden tracks.

Over at Myspace (yes, there is something still going on over there, just don't ask us what) the album’s producer and primary songwriter, John Shanks, recalls the making of the album, and if you are a Simpson fan it's worth a read.

Here, let's look back at Simpson in 2004. She was somewhat of an anomaly for a pop star. Like Avril Lavigne, Simpson was marketed as the anti-Britney, or specifically the anti-Jessica -- her older, blonder sister -- in whose "shadow" Ashlee lived in for years.

To be real, Simpson's career was born out of pure nepotism. Not to say she wasn't talented, but it's likely her pop career would never have happened without her sister. But as we all know, it's who you know that really matters.

After the "SNL" incident in October 2004, Simpson lost any hope of being taken seriously -- even on that minute level people take pop stars seriously -- but it didn't stop her from releasing two more albums and giving the world a song about how she didn't steal Wilmer Valderrama from Lindsay Lohan (even if she denied that was the track's intentions, we're not buying it).

Regardless of how she found her footing in Hollywood, let's all just take a moment to appreciate the full-on angst she and Shanks gave the world with a few of these super deep lyrics. We won't blame you if you have the urge to put "La La" on full blast.

"I walked a thousand miles while everyone was asleep/Nobody's really seen my million subtleties" - "Autobiography"

"I am moody, messy/I get restless, and it's senseless/How you never seem to care." - "Pieces of Me"

"I was stuck inside someone else's life and always second best." - "Shadow"

"You make me wanna la la, la la la, la la, la la la la la la la la la" - "La La"

"I've been waiting all my life/To finally find you/ Just so I can push you away/ And when you're crawling over broken glass to get to me/ That's when I'll let you stay. " - "Love Me For Me"

"This life's like livin' in the gutter/All this pain just makes you feel dead." - "Giving It All Away"