Ashlee Simpson At Fashion Week: Singer Was Unrecognizable, Mistaken For Ashley Tisdale (PHOTOS)

Poor Ashlee Simpson.

First, practically no one recognized her at a Richard Chai Love show at New York Fashion Week on Thursday, according to Buzzfeed, and then horror of all horror, she was mistaken for Ashley Tisdale.

Buzzfeed's Hillary Reinsberg reports that at least four people spotted the "Pieces of Me" singer and wondered aloud, "Who the hell is that?" After much back-and-forth debate, the fashion show attendees finally decided that it was in fact Simpson.

"Remember, her named is spelled with two E's!" a man was overheard telling his friend. "I'm embarrassed that you even know that," she replied.

We have to say, we're not sure why no one recognizes Simpson since she's looked the same way for years. The 28-year-old mother of one had a very noticeable nose job back in 2006, which drastically changed her appearance -- but that was almost seven years ago. It's true that Simpson hasn't been in the news as much since her divorce from Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz was finalized in 2011, but again, we have to stress she looks exactly the same as she did then.

Either Simpson has to get her face out to more events, or Fashion Week attendees are seriously off their celebrity spotting game.

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