Ashlee Simpson's Hard Partying Has Ex-Husband Pete Wentz Concerned For Their Son (REPORT) (UPDATE)

Ashlee Simpson has allegedly been dealing with some difficult personal issues by partying hard and it's reportedly taking a toll on the singer and her family.

Sources told RadarOnline that Simpson's ex-husband, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, is concerned that her behavior is having a negative impact on their 4-year-old son Bronx, and has asked her to slow down and take a break from going out and drinking.

“Ashlee is in the dog house right now with Pete. He’s concerned that she’s burning the candle at both ends and worried about the effect on Bronx if she continues in this current state," a source told the website, adding that Wentz is so worried, "he’s even spoken to [Simpson's mother] Tina to get her take on the matter and make sure that he’s not overreacting in any way. She reassured him that he isn’t and said she’s been worried about Ashlee too.”

Earlier this month it was reported that the 28-year-old singer was having a rough time coming to terms with her parents' divorce, as well as rumors that her father and manager, Joe Simpson, is gay. Last week eyewitnesses claimed they saw Simpson "downing drinks like there was no tomorrow," at a Los Angeles restaurant.

Simpson has been known to enjoy a couple drinks -- and was caught on camera in 2005, appearing belligerently drunk at a Toronto McDonald's, where she swore at an employee who told her to get off the service counter that she was trying to climb over.

This isn't the first time there have been reports that Wentz was concerned about Simpson's drinking either. In 2011 Us Weekly reported that her split from then-husband Pete Wentz was in part sparked by her alleged drinking problem.

Simpson was "reverting to drinking and going out, because she is sick and tired of her life," a source told the magazine at the time, adding that the alcohol was "an outlet for her unhappiness, and Pete is getting fed up."

Star reported that following her divorce from Wentz, Simpson was "downing eight to 10 bottles of wine a week" and her older sister, Jessica, was "on a mission to save Ashlee from self-destructing." At the time, a source close to the Simpson family told Gossip Cop that the allegations of Ashlee's drinking problem were absolutely "not true."

UPDATE: Sources close to the Simpson family told Gossip Cop that RadarOnline's report is "not true," while, "a member of Wentz's team" told the website, “Ashlee and Pete are working together to co-parent and there is no truth to this.”



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