Ashley Olsen Spotted Sporting $39,000 Backpack By The Row (PHOTO)

PHOTO: Ashley Olsen & Her $39K Backpack Step Out

We already went on a tear about The Row's crocodile skin backpack -- you know, the one that rings in at $39,000 and apparently belongs in The Museum Of Overpriced Accessories as opposed to slung over our humble shoulders. previously reported that a pair of these puppies had already been pre-ordered. But by whom? And, now, an answer: behold a pic of Ashley Olsen as spotted leaving the Tribeca Hotel in Manhattan on Tuesday.

Yuk, yuk, just kidding. We're sure she didn't pay full price since she and sister Mary-Kate designed the line.

So will the two backpack buyers please come forward? We have so many questions...mainly: can we borrow?

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