Ashley Olsen Finally Had A 'Full House' Reunion

Is it adorable? You got it, dude.

Have mercy! It finally happened!

After all the hullabaloo over the Olsen twins skipping out on the "Full House" reboot, we thought we may never see them hang out with their old cast mates again. Perhaps the actresses who portrayed Michelle Tanner really did get amnesia in that episode where Michelle fell off a horse and totally forgot they were ever in the show.

Well, apparently that's not the case. Michelle, aka Ashley Olsen, was on hand Friday to support her former co-star Bob Saget in the Broadway production of Hand to God.

Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Hey, watch the hair, Bob!

Saget even Instagrammed the cute moment, saying he loved having Olsen at the opening of the show.

Enjoy it while you can. It may be the last "Full House" reunion featuring an Olsen for a while. The twins are reportedly not going to appear in the Netflix reboot of the show, and from John Stamos' recent post it appears production is just about wrapping up.

Last entrance through iconic doors. Final #Fullerhouse #netflix

A photo posted by John Stamos (@johnstamos) on

Still, it was nice of Olsen to show up to support Saget, and if it was any cuter, we'd just have to tell them to cut it out.

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