Ashley Samson: Rachel Uchitel Is A 'Celebrity Whore,' Texted Tiger Woods '24/7'

Ashley Samson: Rachel Uchitel Is A 'Celebrity Whore,' Texted Tiger Woods '24/7'

Ashley Samson, the woman who told the National Enquirer about Rachel Uchitel's alleged affair with Tiger Woods, spoke with the New York Daily News today. Samson says Woods' representatives offered her $200,000 to stay silent, but that she instead took $25,000 from the Enquirer for the story. She also tells the paper that she, Uchitel (PHOTOS) and two other women went to Spain in October to "entertain men" -- but no one told her that was the purpose in advance.

On the trip, Samson says Uchitel "was on the phone, 24/7, talking or texting with Tiger," who was in Las Vegas. The Daily News article has additional details, such as Samson slamming Uchitel as a "celebrity whore."

Uchitel was rumored to still be having sex with Woods, but her attorney finally shot down the speculation. Presumably, then, Woods did not see Uchitel on his birthday.

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