Ashley Sanchez, Mom, Saves Infant's Life Using CPR

One late night, Ashley Sanchez was feeding her 3-month-old Ashlynn Flores, and the baby stopped breathing. Mom had never performed infant CPR, but she did her best -- and saved her daughter's life. After a stay in a San Antonia hospital, Ashlynn was sent home on Friday May 18 with a clean bill of health that has doctors calling her a "miracle."

WFMYNews reports that doctors at North Central Baptist Hospital identified viral pneumonia as the source of Ashlynn's symptoms.

Sanchez recounted what happened that night for the news station:

“When I laid her back, her eyes just rolled back and she looked pale,” mom said. And, even though she had no CPR experience, she initiated chest compressions and breaths on the ride to a nearby hospital, reports.

Dr. Samuel Zuckerman, who treated her there, said that Ashlynn had no heartbeat or pulse when she arrived. But, her mother had managed to maintain the baby well enough so that she could be resuscitated. "She’s here because of her mom,” Zuckerman told WFMYNews.

The baby had to be airlifted to North Central Baptist Hospital where doctors identified viral pneumonia as the problem.

After several weeks on a breathing machine, they finally cleared Ashlynn to return home with her parents and siblings.

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