Teen Shares Her Voice With 'American Idol' -- And Her Hearing-Impaired Father

Season 14 of "American Idol" is only in the audition phase and it's already making J-Lo cry. That's thanks to 15-year-old Ashley Stehle from St. Louis, MO and her father's brand new hearing aid.

Both of Ashley's parents were deaf her entire life. But this past December, her father got a hearing device that allowed him to hear her sing for the very first time. Ashley says that when he heard her voice, "he had no words." Before Ashley's audition, her dad used American Sign Language to tell her, "Just keep smiling all the way through."

In a moving audition, Ashley chose to sing Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You," while her family watched. She sang into a special device that sent her stunning vocals straight into her father's hearing aid. He beamed throughout the performance.

Ultimately, Ashley didn't make the cut, but the teen didn't let being eliminated bum her out. She said, "I made my dad proud, that's all that counts" and promised, "I'll get 'em get next year."

Singing for all of America is nice, but finally getting to share your voice with your father? That's the true victory.

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