Ashton Kutcher Looks For Love In Dating Ad Spoof (VIDEO)

WATCH: Ashton Looks For Love In Dating Ad Spoof

While Ashton Kutcher was recently caught on camera spending some quality time with his old pal Mila Kunis, the pair insists they're just friends. But is Kutcher ready to get back into the dating game?

It seems the actor is practicing his pickup skills in a new personal-ad spoof for fictional dating site In the video, Kutcher plays four characters who are feeling amorous: Raj, a Bollywood producer "looking for the most delicious thing on the planet"; hippie Nigel, who's "seeking higher planes of consciousness"; Darl, a Karl Lagerfeld doppelganger who proclaims "Money creates taste, and I have lots of both"; and Swordfish, a bearded biker who is "looking for something hot and spicy."

Finally, Kutcher appears as himself and tells the camera, "Your waiting room's like a freak show. Are we all in the same category?"

In case you were wondering, redirects to the Facebook page for Pop Chips -- Kutcher is the brand's "president of pop."

Turns out not everyone finds the clip funny; some viewers have taken to Twitter to call the campaign --specifically, Kutcher's impersonation of the Indian character -- racist.

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