Ashton Kutcher Freaks Out On Laura Prepon After She Forgets To Tell Him She's Engaged

The "Kutch" and "Pre" drama went down on "Live with Kelly."
Kelly Ripa with co-host Ashton Kutcher and guest Laura Prepon on Oct. 7.
Kelly Ripa with co-host Ashton Kutcher and guest Laura Prepon on Oct. 7.

It appears Ashton Kutcher just got a taste of his own medicine.

When Kutcher joined Kelly Ripa as co-host on “Live with Kelly” Friday morning, he was looking forward to interviewing his friend and former “That ‘70s Show” co-star Laura Prepon. But not for reasons you’d assume.

The actor was actually eager to yell at Prepon for not telling him about her recent engagement to their mutual friend, Ben Foster.

“She just announced this engagement. I had to find out in the news! And she’s my friend, and it’s weird like that!” Kutcher told Ripa. 

He went on to explain that when he and Mila Kunis got engaged, Prepon thought it was “crazy”; the trio had been friends for 20 years yet she didn’t know they were an item. But, as Kutcher explained, Prepon and Foster have been friends for two decades too, so their engagement is equally as shocking. 

When Prepon came out for her interview, she hugged Kutcher, who mumbled, “I am so pissed off at you.” 

“Pre, this is unacceptable. This kind of thing is unacceptable,” he said, calling her by the nickname he’s used for years. 

“Kutch ... I know,” she told him, “but if anyone understands the private lives, you do. You get it.” 

“I get it, but private lives include friends!” he responded. 

Prepon, 36, and Foster, 35, made their red carpet debut as a couple on Tuesday night at the “Girl on a Train” premiere in New York. Rumors swirled after she was spotted rocking a diamond ring on her finger, and, soon after, sources confirmed the engagement. Prepon has known Foster since she was 18, as he is good pals with her “That ‘70s Show” co-stars. 



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