Ashton Kutcher Gives Relationship Advice In Pre-Divorce Interview

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's relationship had been on the rocks for months, but Kutcher still thought doling out relationship advice in interviews was a good idea.

Now that Demi has filed for divorce, comments Kutcher made to Men Health and Women's Health magazines are both awkward and interesting.

Kutcher graces the cover of Men's Health's December issue in which, he confesses that he's "relatively scared of failure" but he doesn't see it as something that's inevitable.

It's a fear that's easy for most to relate to, however it's an interesting confession given that the actor and entrepreneur explained the reason for his divorce by tweeting, "I will forever cherish the time I spent with Demi. Marriage is one of the most difficult things in the world and unfortunately sometimes they fail. Love and Light, AK."

Kutcher also opened up to the publication's sister magazine, Women's Health, revealing the best relationship advice he's ever received:

"I think it's all about working on the relationship and making it better ... when it's good. Don't wait for a problem to work on things. They goal is not to get into a relationship; the goal is to be in a relationship."

When asked what compliment he'd most like to receive from a woman, Kutcher told the magazine, "I would just like a woman someday, somewhere, at some point in my life to say to me, 'You're a great listener' Haven't heard it yet, and that's a superior compliment to get from a woman. But I'm going to work on it."

And what might be the most revealing comment of all, Kutcher remarked, "I could never be with a woman who felt like she needs to change me."

Is that what doomed Kutcher's marriage? Maybe Demi figured out she couldn't change Ashton's alleged cheating heart.

Although Kutcher denied the allegation, in 2010, he was said to have cheated on his wife with two young women.

And it's believed that Ashton's most recent alleged infidelities with 22-year-old Sara Leal is the reason Demi filed for divorce.

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