'Asian Bachelorette' Is Back, And We're Convinced This Needs To Be A Real Show

It wouldn't be "Asian Bachelorette" without a karaoke one-on-one.

Last year, WongFu Productions #blessed us with a perfect spoof of “The Bachelorette” featuring all Asian contestants, and it made us wish it was a real show. 

Well, it’s still not a real thing. But luckily, the filmmaking group is back with a second season of “Asian Bachelorette.” And honestly, everyone in this crew is worthy of a rose. 

This time around, there’s a group date involving Asian squatting, a one-on-one with karaoke, and a spam musubi appearance. (If you do not know what spam musubi is, look it up. It is life). 

There weren't any chairs, so...
There weren't any chairs, so...

“I know a lot of Asian guys, I just didn’t know there was this much variety,” says bachelorette Stephanie, played by YouTuber Bethany Mota, in the video ― a line we’re sure to hear more often as Asian representation increases in Hollywood. 

The video features some familiar faces, including Simu Liu of “Kim’s Convenience” and musician AJ Rafael, as well as cameos from Daniel Dae Kim and Randall Park. 

The token white dude ― this show’s answer to “Bachelor” franchise host Chris Harrison ― is played by YouTuber Brad Gage. 

By the end of the video, you’ll have laughed so hard, you’ll basically have Asian glow. 

All in all, “Asian Bachelorette” proves that the serious lack of Asian contestants on the actual “Bachelorette” is whack. 

Now, we’re not sure how we’ll survive the wait for “Asian Bachelor,” which is apparently going to star KevJumba.