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This Asian-American Girl Adorably Removes Barbies’ Shoes Before They Enter Their House

It's resonating with Asians ― and others who just really love a clean floor.

One little girl just had every Asian on the interwebs saying “SAME.”

Korra Lam, a 4-year-old Vietnamese-American from California, takes her Barbies’ shoes off before they’re allowed to enter her Barbie Dreamhouse. Because it’s only right she keep with Asian household tradition.

Her half-sister Ivy Ho recently shared photos on Twitter of the tiny shoes gathered just outside the dollhouse, along with Korra’s barefoot dolls. And of course, they went viral with thousands of retweets because we Asians on Twitter Had. No. Chill.

Like none.

Ho told The Huffington Post that Korra insists on making her dolls keep with tradition because it’s simply what their family does. Plus, the very strict Korra believes the dolls “have to be clean.”

If that’s not adorable enough for you, the 4-year-old also ensures the dolls have shoes on their feet before they “leave” the house.

Though Ho didn’t expect her post to get so much traction, she’s ecstatic to see it’s resonated with so many Asians ― and others who just really love a clean floor.