You'll Only Understand This Video If You Have An Asian Grandma

"Eat more! Eat more!"

If you’re lucky enough to have an Asian grandma, you know there’s nothing and no one more lovable.

Like any other grandmother, she’ll feed you endlessly and always try to give you money no matter how many times you say no.

But your Asian grandma has an endearing quirkiness that can only be fully understood after you’ve refused her requests for you to step on her back (for a massage, of course) or watched her do her early morning stretches. (What, exactly, is she doing with her arms?)

In a video published Sunday, BuzzFeed introduces us to a smiling elderly Korean lady who absolutely loves her grandchildren ― and it’s inspired in us a whole new appreciation for our own Asian grandmas.

Watch “Things Your Asian Grandma Does” above, then go ahead and give your grandma a call. You know she’d be thrilled!



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