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Asian Soups That Go Way Beyond Ramen

It's time to expand your Asian soup horizons.

Ramen has taken over America, and we're totally cool with that. Ramen, after midnight or at reasonable dinner hour, is hands-down one of the most comforting, savory and filling bowls of soup around. (Let's also never forget Justin Timberlake's ramen noodle hair.) A classic Japanese dish, ramen has blown up in the U.S. for a reason, but it isn't the only Asian soup worth eating at all hours of the day. There are the usual suspects you're probably familiar with, like udon, soba and miso, of course. And with the popularity of Thai food in America, most people have heard of Tom Yum. That's just the beginning.

Soup is a staple all across Asia. From Myanmar to Vietnam, soup is eaten for breakfast, and also usually accompanies a main meal. Soups run the gamut from spicy and fragrant to soothing and mild. They're filled with everything from long rice noodles to hunks of pork, and they might be meat-heavy or vegetarian. Since there is essentially an endless variety, trying to classify Asian soups is pretty much a futile exercise. Instead, we'd like to open your horizons to some of the most tasty Asia soups you should know about, when you need a break from ramen. Once you go down the rabbit hole, you'll never stop exploring. Let this short list of 21 Asian soups inspire you to fall hard for the near limitless possibilities for Asian noodles, spices, herbs and broths. Winter just got a whole lot better.

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup
Use Real Butter
Get the Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup recipe from Use Real Butter
Tom Kha Gai (Thai Coconut Soup)
Lola's Kitchen Lab
Get the Slow Cooker Tom Kha Gai recipe from Lola's Kitchen Lab
Lentil Soup With Vermicelli (Burmese)
Get the Lentil Soup With Vermicelli recipe from ihave2kitchens
Beef Pho (Vietnamese)
Pass the Sushi
Get the Beef Pho recipe by Pass the Sushi
Soba Noodle Soup With Shrimp And Veggies (Japanese)
Bev Cooks
Tom Yum (Thai Spicy And Sour Soup)
Get the Tom Yum recipe from RasaMalaysia
Miso Ramen (Japanese)
Steamy Kitchen
Get the Miso Ramen recipe by Steamy Kitchen
Egg Drop Soup (Chinese)
Gimme Some Oven
Get the Egg Drop Soup recipe by Gimme Some Oven
Simple 10-Minute Miso Soup (Japanese)
Steamy Kitchen
Get the Simple 10-Minute Miso Soup recipe by Steamy Kitchen
Bun Ca (Vietnamese Fish And Pork Based Soup With Dill)
Alison Spiegel
Get a Bun Ca recipe from The Ravenous Couple
Hot And Sour Soup (Chinese)
The Woks Of Life
Get the Hot And Sour Soup recipe from The Woks Of Life
Chinese Hot Pots
A Spicy Perspective
Get the Chinese Hot Pots recipe by A Spicy Perspective
15 Minute Udon Miso Noodle Soup (Japanese)
Steamy Kitchen
Get the 15 Minute Udon Miso Noodle Soup recipe by Steamy Kitchen
Quick Vietnamese Chicken Pho
Love and Olive Oil
Get the Quick Vietnamese Chicken Pho recipe by Love and Olive Oil
Wonton Soup (Chinese)
Dax Phillips/Food52
Get the Wonton Soup recipe by Dax Phillips/Food52
Dashi Ramen (Japanese)
Get the Dashi Ramen recipe by Macheesmo
Mohinga (Burmese Fish And Chickpea Flour Based Soup)
Alison Spiegel
Get a Mohinga recipe from
Thai Coconut Corn And Mushroom Soup
Bev Cooks
Miso Udon Noodle Soup With Spicy Korean Chili Dressing (Japanese)
Turkey Pho (Vietnamese)
Get the Turkey Pho recipe by WinnieAb/Food52

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