The Asian Takeout Americans Ordered Most In 2020

Data from Chowbus reveals the Asian cuisine people craved during the pandemic.
Rice was more popular than noodles in Chowbus' 2020 orders.
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Rice was more popular than noodles in Chowbus' 2020 orders.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, people craved comfort food in 2020. For many, that meant delicious dishes from Asian countries, including China, Japan, Korea and elsewhere.

Chowbus, a food delivery platform that provides authentic Asian cuisine from local restaurants, revealed the most interesting data and trends surrounding its users’ orders during the COVID-19 pandemic. It turns out there were clear favorites when it came to regional cuisine preferences and specific dishes.

The most popular cuisine was that of Sichuan, China, with kung pao chicken the most ordered Sichuan dish. Next was Korean food (bibimbap was the most ordered dish), followed by dishes from China’s Hunan province (Xiang stir-fried pork was the most ordered one).


To create its report, Chowbus analyzed millions of orders placed on the platform from Jan. 1 to Nov. 30. The platform offers delivery, pickup and grocery services in nearly 30 cities across the United States, Canada and Australia.

Other interesting findings: Rice dishes exceeded noodle orders by 52%. In the early months of the pandemic, frozen dumpling orders spiked by 1,538% in March and April compared to January and February. And overall, barbecue lamb was the most-ordered dish of the year.

Top 5 Most-Ordered Dishes (classified by cuisine-type)

1. Barbecue Lamb ― Chinese

2. Roasted oolong boba milk tea ― Taiwanese

3. Mala soup ― Sichuan

4. Portuguese egg tart ― Cantonese

5. Green milk tea with white pearl ― Taiwanese

For more information about Asian food delivery trends, visit Chowbus and check out its official news release.

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