Asian Twitter Offers Alternatives To Controversial Yellow Fever Restaurant Name

"Not Your Asian Side Dish" 👏

As a California restaurant called Yellow Fever is getting backlash for its controversial name, Asians on social media have turned their criticisms into creative energy. 

Asian-American nonprofit 18 Million Rising launched a petition with comedian Jenny Yang to change the name of the establishment and challenged Asian-Americans to find the perfect alternative to the moniker. The chain restaurant’s name — a phrase commonly used to describe the fetishization of Asians, particularly Asian women — went viral after it partnered with Whole Foods for a new Long Beach, California, location. A photo of the restaurant, shared on Friday, garnered hundreds of comments from Twitter users. 

Using the hashtag #CureYellowFever, social media users offered their suggestions. People definitely got creative. 

 Some used the opportunity to slam the restaurant. 

Yellow Fever, which has two other locations and touts its “Asian bowls for your soul,” was co-founded by Korean-American chef Kelly Kim. She has said she’s attempting to reclaim the phrase “yellow fever.” In a statement previously sent to HuffPost, she said her restaurant serves as a celebration of Asian food, culture and people.

“We have been a proud Asian, female-owned business since our founding over four and a half years ago in Torrance, California,” she wrote. 

However, others in the Asian-American community disagree with the name’s impact, particularly in the context of a Whole Foods partnership. 

If Kim decides to change the name, we’re voting for Got Rice?