If Asian Women Hit On White Dudes The Way White Dudes Hit On Asian Women

If you've never heard of the social phenomenon "yellow fever," vlogger and actress Joy Regullano explains it hilariously well in her YouTube series "White Fetish."

To highlight the absurd comments many American Asian women receive from white men, Regullano switched the roles and parodied what it would be like if American Asian women said these same racist comments to white guys.

The final product is both poignant and funny, pointing out how ridiculous a question like "What's your ethnicity?" is when the response is a white dude rattling off Western European countries.

So FYI to any person looking to pick up an Asian woman: Don't use the "But all my exes are Asian!" as a talking point.

Check out the second episode in Joy Regullano's White Fetish series below: