Asiana Airlines Flight Attendants Want To Get Rid Of Skirts

No More Skirts For Asiana Flight Attendants?

The flight attendants of South Korea's Asiana Airlines have had enough of dated regulations. Chiefly, they want to get rid of outdated uniform regulations that keep them in uncomfortable and impractical skirts, CNN Go reports.

According to CNN, the flight attendants' union is filing a complaint to the National Human Rights Commission, addressing gripes like rules dictating that female flight attendants cannot wear pants, that they cannot wear glasses or that their nails must always be manicured.

"We understand that we have a certain image to pursue, but we believe that the most important function of our uniform is to assist our passengers," union head Kweon Soo-jeong told the agency.

Perhaps Asiana flight attendants could compare notes with those of the Virgin airlines. Virgin Atlantic flight attendants were voted the industry's hottest, while the attendants at Virgin Blue unveiled new uniforms last year with the aid of Elle McPherson. And, you never see any of them without their characteristic red skirts.

Or, maybe those shirts and manicures would seem less impractical when compared to what some Ryanair flight attendants are donning. The airline releases an annual cabin crew calendar of scantily-clad female flight attendants. But, hey, it is for charity.

This also isn't the first time South Korean flight attendants have called foul against their employers. Last August, a group of flight attendant hopefuls accused Garuda Indonesia airline of inappropriately handling their breasts in medical examinations.