Asians On Twitter Had No Chill When Sandra Oh Hosted 'SNL'

For many Asians, Sandra Oh's hosting gig was EVERYTHING.

Sandra Oh became the third Asian woman in the entire history of “Saturday Night Live” to host the program this past week. 

And you bet Asians on the internet failed to keep it chill as they witnessed the Asian woman with amazing hair do her thing on the legendary comedy program’s stage.  

The “Killing Eve” star kicked off the program with a monologue that marked her first anniversary of becoming a U.S. citizen. 

“I love Americans. You are confident and direct,” Oh said in the monologue. “And now that I am an Asian Canadian American, I’m trying to learn a thing or two about tooting my own horn.”

Oh appeared in a sketch with fellow funny Asian Bowen Yang. And it was kinda a big deal. 

In one of the most compelling parts of her hosting gig, she donned a T-shirt with her own dope quote about how “it’s an honor just to be Asian.”