How 'Ask Anna' Blogger Anna Moseley Maximizes Closet Space To Get Organized Fast

A top blogger tells us why you have more room than you think.

Getting our homes in order can a tall task. (And a completely stress-inducing one for that matter.) That's why we've been rounding up the best cleaning and organizing tips from experts for our Fresh Start series, so make sure to check out our Pinterest board for lots of great ideas to get you started.

Of course we're usually most concerned with straightening up the areas in our home that are on display, and we're often guilty of shoving piles into cabinets and closets minutes before guests are arriving. But Anna Moseley, blogger behind our daily read 'Ask Anna' tells us that hiding our clutter behind doors just leads to more stress. Instead, you should feel good about your storage nooks. And to do this, she says, you need to maximize the space you have by tailoring your storage solutions to your closet layout.

For example, a standard closet may only have one bar for hanging clothes and a single shelf above. Moseley says to get creative by improving its capacity with a few key products. She's a huge fan of baskets, which can hold everything from hats and accessories to folded work-out clothes, and you can find them inexpensively at retailers like the dollar store or Target. She also suggests layering in a deeper closet, and placing out-of-season clothes or items you don't need as frequently in containers toward the back, so your everyday items are easily accessible.

maximize your space
Illustration by Raydene Salinas

Here are a few of Anna Moseley's other great household tips:

Use multi-purpose cleaning and organizing tools: She loves the Zap cloth because you can use it for mirrors, appliances, windows and more to get them streak-free.

Label, label, label: Moseley uses her Silhouette label maker or chalkboard paint to identify what's inside her boxes and bins.

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