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Ask and It Shall be Given -- Why We Forget to Ask

"Ask and it shall be given." Problem is, most of us forget to ask. What is important to remember is that when the time will come, you will be rewarded.
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"The tiny particles which form the vast universe are not tiny at all. Neither is the vast universe vast. These are notions of the mind, which is like a knife, always chipping away at the Tao, trying to render it graspable and manageable. But that which is beyond form is un-graspable, and that which is beyond knowing is unmanageable. There is, however, this consolation: She who lets go of the knife will find the Tao at her fingertips".
Lao Tzu 500 BCE

"Ask and it shall be given." Most of us forget to ask. I, like many others, once asked for "proof" or evidence so as to allow for a form of understanding some call faith.

Crawling reptilians remained land-bound for millions of years before growing wings and being able to fly. These animals did not just improve their crawling; they almost opposed their anatomy and flew through the air. Under the weight of the earth, dense dark rocks turn to sparkling diamonds that allow for penetration of light.

Like all life forms, our current physical condition is temporary. All modern day inventions seemed impossible at one time. The idea of being able to speak with a person on the other side of the world wirelessly, antibiotics that now cure illnesses, and without which death would have been imminent, the Internet, x-ray machines, were once merely a thought that manifested themselves in our reality by some process. Once we find our point of power through presence, we connect with the one in dwelling consciousness that every living being shares and is connected by. In quantum physics this is referred to as the zero point field, also known as the Akashic field. The overall idea behind the concept of an Akashic Field / zero point field is that behind the materialistic and mechanistic world there is another realm of interaction. It is within this realm that we must place ourselves and begin to assimilate through our thoughts, our consciousness. It is through our thoughts that we communicate with these universal energies, laws, principles that some call God. It is here that we manifest our reality in the natural, our life "movie." Anything that we desire can be manifest this way.

Stephan Hawking discusses M theory in his new book "The Grand Design." M- theory begins to explain how the universe works and who "God" really is. In my book "The Point of Power," I distill truths from theological texts going back to 500 BCE. These truths are the common laws principles and rituals that all the major theological brands agree upon. All of them pointed to how we humans interact either knowingly or not with the universe/God. This interaction involves simple collisions among molecules all entangled via a network of instant communication that correlates all parts of the living system, even those that are distant from one another. Rare molecules are seldom contiguous, yet they find each other throughout the organism instantly and with complete efficiency. There would not be sufficient time for this to occur by a random process of jiggling and mixing; the molecules need to locate and respond to each other specifically, and instantly even if they are distant. Such is entanglement.

Another similar concept is referred to as the butterfly effect, the idea that a butterfly flapping its wings is felt throughout the universe instantly and in a proportionate manner. When in our point of power, our minds quiet, we can begin the process of efficient manifestation. Efficient, meaning we reach our objectified desire vs. manifesting something that is not a true reflection of our desire.

Until we get to our only true point of power to manifest (by arriving at a gamma state or quiet mind) we remain in ego. We can identify only with our own physical and psychological profiles. We believe in the illusion, and we bind our ability to manifest efficiently. This sort of thing requires us to link up to the most powerful manifestation tool; source energy and the universal non-judgmental laws of the universe that create everything from nothingness. In order to harness this powerful energy source we must begin to lose the density of our preconditioned observation based systems of thinking, our ego. We must become transparent to the light of consciousness. Remember in the movie "The Matrix" when Keanu Reeves' character watched as the young gowned sage bent the spoon? "How did you did you bend the spoon like that" Keanu's character asked? "There is no spoon," the young lad replied.

Like stone turning to crystal under the heat and weight of the earth and becoming transparent, we must allow light into our souls by allowing our ego to become transparent. We can achieve this through our point of power, which is marked by a state of presence. In Buddhism this is referred to as a clear or reaching Zen. Theological texts spoke in different ways on how we get to our point of power by silencing the noise in our mind through, prayer, meditation, chanting. We must recognize our unawakened state and the collective conditioned mental processes that allow it to remain. It is while in the point of power believing in and connecting with what we call our "intuitive sense" will we always respond with right action to any given life situation.

After an early life of trial-and-error, I have come to and tested three steps as a way to teach this process. They are (1) intend, (2) declare, and (3) detach. These steps are how you can get anything your heart desires. The point of power is doing each step in the now, the present.
It seems simple now, but it took me a while to come to it. So what does it take for us to bring the rich and abundant after-effects of thoughts into our lives? Intend, declare, and detach.

1. Intend by thinking positive thoughts; be gracious, be humble, think love, and
Intend an outcome (this or better).
2. Declare a plan of action and a clear desire; feel it, experience it, make clarifications during the sync period, live it.
3. Trust the universe to do its bit - have faith, forget about it, and detach. This is the one that we all most have trouble with. We must refine our brain waves, our consciousness, to a frequency of complete faith or "knowing." We must know that the desire will manifest itself. When the time will come to ask, it shall always be given.

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