Ask Michael Cohen: How to Be Pregnant and Not in Heels

While you're pregnant, it is all about you. I mean, if pregnancy isn't a get-out-of-jail free card for all social events then I don't know what is.
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I'm addicted to watching "Pregnant In Heels." I think the show is hysterical. And although I have the financial means to be a spend thrift on my wardrobe, I don't feel the need nor want to break any banks with a pregnancy wardrobe. I'm expecting my third child and I want advice on what's chic, comfortable and cheap for a summer by the shore? Michelle S, Cherry Hill, NJ

Allow me to first address your use of the word "cheap." I beg you all never use that word. It's the descriptor of a street whore, not to be used to describe the clothing to dress an expectant mother.

For day-to-day survival it's about some really fabulous shorts. Any fashionable mom like you should have a pair of these deconstructed denim shorts from Secret Fit Belly. They are perfect to throw on to do just about anything, from having friends over to late night yogurt runs. In the evening, these dressy black cuffed linen shorts from Olian will become your new little black dress. When it comes to tops, head over to Target and load up on Liz Lange tanks and v-necks in every color. For $9.99 how could you not?

And while you're there, grab these style stealers: a pair of Merona braided flat sandals in gold for $15. They will provide an appropriate splash of nautical glam to any summer look, pregnant or not.

I've been watching the Bravo show "Pregnant In Heels" and while it's all very glamorous, I'm not relating and I am so not wearing my five-inch Jimmy Choo's. I'm a big six-months pregnant, bloated and feel like I'm toting around a small house, and I just can't do it on stilts. So Mr. Cohen, what do you recommend? Lilly B, East Hampton (for the Summer)

This made me chuckle, which I needed. Thanks for reminding me of my last name and clarifying your summer residence. And if I had to bet my next meal on where you live all year round it would be the Upper East Side. But I'm not here to play real estate expert, I'm here for style advice.

With all the above said, money doesn't seem to be an on object when it comes to walking in your shoes. As a style trend it's all about metallic this summer and as a rule of thumb, when it comes to being pregnant, you want to slip into something with ease. That means flats with no restrictions such as back zippers, ankle cuffs and wrap details, which will only accentuate those swollen ankles that I am sure you are dreading.

Instead, go for Giuseppe Zanotti's silver flat thongs. The adorning metal ornament is sure to glam up any anything from the perennial black leggings to shorts or maxi dresses. For super casual daytime romps, when you're not barefoot and pregnant, slip into these delicious, jelly Jimmy Choo sandals in bronze that will be perfect for running around town. For only $175, I'm sure they are less than the tax you paid on your other Jimmy Choo's. Now, if none of these strike your fancy, check out my definitive guide to the thirty best flats of summer.

My friends and family want to have a baby shower for me, but to be perfectly honest I would really prefer not to have one. I don't want them to waste time and money on extraordinary or silly gifts that I can either get myself or don't need. And I don't want to be the center of attention, smiling and saying thank you for hours. I'm trying not to make this a big deal, and I don't want to seem ungrateful either. What's your baby shower etiquette advice? Thanks, Ramy S, New York City

So here's what I think. While you're pregnant, and for a good few months after that until you get your bearings, it is all about you. It really does go as you call it because no one feels emotionally, mentally and physically like you do. I mean, if pregnancy isn't a get-out-of-jail-free card for all social events then I don't know what is.

On the other hand, you really don't want to be a selfish mom-to-be. Baby showers were originally created to share wisdom and lessons on becoming a mother, which you don't want to miss out on. I think in your case this will be better shared over a fabulous brunch. The second notion upon which these gatherings exists is gift-giving, but instead of gifts for you, accept a bunch of checks and make a donation in your family name to a community playground in desperate need of new swings.

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