Ask Phyllis...Astrology and Beyond: A Scorpio's Search

01/17/2009 05:12am ET | Updated November 17, 2011
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Hi Phyllis. I've been a fool. I've been in a dead-end job that I hate for 5 years -- coping with depression and also some family turmoil, so I haven't felt strong enough to look for a job. Some months back a former employer contacted me with a possible job opportunity. In these same months, over the summer/fall, I was reading horoscopes that were telling me I had an excellent opportunity of finding a better position by November. But instead of looking around, I just hoped that this opportunity would pan out. Now it looks like that's a dead-end. And I've wasted my positive job-search window, astrologically speaking.
I don't even know what my question is. I just feel a little doomed to be stuck now in my current job, since I didn't take advantage.

Missed Opportunity

Dear Missy Who'll Have Plenty of Opportunities,

Your letter speaks to one of the great truths about astrology and life: that sometimes opportunity knocks but answering it takes a bit more action that we suppose. Many of astrology buffs are shocked when favorable astrological aspects don't automatically deliver what they expect. It's very likely that what we assume life owes us isn't part of our destiny, so it isn't delivered.

Don't worry...even though that particular astrological window closed, many more are opening. Don't lose hope.

But do prepare to stretch yourself more than you have been. That's because Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is in what I call a "forced growth" aspect to many Scorpios' career sector in 2009. It can help you out of a rut, possibly by forcing you to do something very different than what you have been. Including promote yourself.

Prepare to take steps that challenge your comfort zone. It's likely that you and other Scorpios will have to adapt to different job demands. Some will have to reach out more and connect with more people or more different kinds of people than they are used to. Others will have to step into a new industry altogether. Still others will find they have to learn something (quickly) in order to keep up with the rapidly changing environment.

I suggest you try all the above. Even though it sounds like you've been exhausted from your challenging past, Jupiter can help invigorate new motivation. But you have to exert yourself in order to use its expansive vibe or Jupiter's energy can back up on you and just expand more of what you don't want.

Start looking around for a new job now. That way you are poised to take advantage of the string of opportunity energies that constellate through April. (The astrological aspects don't suck after then, but the immediate ones are worth riding).

Good Luck and believe in yourself and in life.

Dear Readers: Because being disappointed when life doesn't deliver what we expect is such a potent issue, I thought psychotherapist and lifecoach Dr. Susan Guthrie's insights would be valuable: Here's how she addresses Missed Opportunity:

Dear Missed-Opportunities,

It sounds like you have a pattern of waiting for others to give you what you want and need. The only remedy for the depression, disappointment and resentment that pattern creates is for you to begin taking better care of yourself.

Stop hoping, and start taking action. Even though you will be effected by your family turmoil and a job you don't like, take some time in meditation every day to listen to your mind and heart to imagine how you want your life to be.

Listen carefully. Weed out any thoughts that tell you to expect or demand someone else to change or do something for you. Then write down what comes to you and take one action step every day - EVERY DAY - toward what you want. Send out resumes, start the exercise program, or get some therapy or support from (not dependence on) friends - in short, help yourself. Next, review your notes once a week to see that you are on track toward the beautiful, fulfilling life you deserve. ~Dr. Susan Guthrie


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