You Don't Sound As Awesome Asking For A Raise As You Think You Do

If you're thinking about asking a raise, you may want to spend a few minutes pondering how you'll actually sound when you walk into your boss' office.

Fast Company is delivering the truth about what we actually communicate while asking for more money. For example, when you say, “I’ve been here five years and I’ve never once asked for a raise before," all your boss hears is "I’m so bad at my job that I haven’t gotten a raise in five years.”

Similarly, when you whine about how Jason got a raise and you didn't, your boss hears “Jason is so much better at his job than I am.”

Taking notes yet? Don't stop: Fast Company has also provided insight into how we really sound when we're flirting with an office crush and interviewing for a new job.



9 Things Never To Say When Asking For A Raise