14 Queer People Get Candid About Day-To-Day Life In College

"You're essentially coming out every semester."

14 college students recently sat down at a Campus Pride event to discuss day-to-day life navigating higher education as LGBTQ people.

Released by The Chronicle of Higher Education, the #ASKME video's intention is for faculty and staff at institutions of higher education to reflect on the state of their universities when it comes to care and resources for queer students. Julia Schmalz, a multimedia producer who developed the concept for the short film, talked to The Huffington Post about her vision for the project.

"Transgender, gender non-binary, and gay story lines have been in the media and, because we focus on higher education, I wanted to find out what issues there might be on college campuses... Everyone was asked how they identify, what keeps them from thriving and what engages them. Pretty quickly the issues became apparent," she said. "The strength of the video comes from hearing the students talk about their issues and the diversity represented gives a sense for the range of experiences out there."

Check out the video above and head here to find out more about Campus Pride.

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