Trump Posts #AskTrump Twitter Callout And It Totally Backfires

Tweets criticizing and mocking the presidential hopeful poured in.

Donald Trump's controversial Twitter account is a big asset to his presidential campaign, with its 4.4 million followers -- except when it isn't. On Monday morning, The Donald told the good people of Twitter to ask him whatever they wanted by using the hashtag #AskTrump, but the gambit totally backfired.

Within six hours, more than 50,000 Tweets including the hashtag had been posted. A small fraction of these Tweets were legitimate questions about his policies, and he responded to many of them with short videos. But a large part of the Twitterati took the callout as a chance to bust out their best Trump jokes. They mocked and criticized almost everything about Trump's persona and viewpoints.

Some of the Tweets took aim at his bizarre appearance, especially his hair.

Many others focused on Trump's attitude toward racial and ethnic minorities, and undocumented immigrants in particular.

Still others, though, went for the absurd.

Come to think of it, "absurd" is a good way to describe the entire exchange.

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