Asma Assad Website Causes Stir

Asma Assad was at the center of a new controversy on Friday, days after the Syrian first lady made headlines for her statement in support of Bashar Assad despite the Syrian President's brutal crackdown.

Twitter reports claimed that a website purporting to be the personal site of Asma Assad was hacked by activists, showing a message mocking the first lady's unconditional support of her husband.

The website, titled, "Official Website of Syria's First Lady," read as follows (SCROLL DOWN FOR SCREENSHOT):

I am Asma Assad. I am the wife of a vicious war criminal. He commands our army to bomb and shell entire civilian cities. He murders innocent civilians. He sends his henchman to rape women and young girls as well as boys, torture children, and snipe innocent civilians. He is currently decimating my hometown, Homs. He bombs mosques, churches, hospitals and his brutality knows no limits. He is trying to pit Alawites against Sunnis against Christians against Kurds. I told him this won't work, but he is confident that it will. He thinks he can fool the American public with pleasant interviews.


I am Asma Assad, I am a crazy bitch, and I stand by my man!

According to International Business Times UK, the website is a hoax. IBT traced the site's IP address to Scottsdale, Arizona, and discovered that it was first published on January 9, 2012.

Asma Assad has shunned public appearances since the start of the protests in Syria in March 2011. She married Bashar Assad in 2000, and previously worked for Deutsche Bank as an analyst in hedge-fund management. The Daily Mail reports that Bashar Assad's wife grew up in Acton, West London, and graduated from King's College London.

Thousands of people have died in Syria since protesters took to the streets in March 2011. The regime of president Bashar Assad has resorted to brutal force to suppress demonstrators. The U.N. estimates that at least 5,400 people have died since the start of the uprising, and Ban Ki-moon has urged Assad to step down.