ASOS Is Selling Strap-On Dinosaur Tails, And The Internet Is Confused


We’ve seen some strange and wonderful fashion accessories in our day, but nothing tells a tale quite like this one.

The brand has a reputation for stocking the weird and the wonderful (see this body bow lingerie or side boob enhancer), and this seems no exception.

Listed under festival accessories, Tell Tails offer a selection of different tails (including a fox tail and wolf tail) complete with waist strap to make sure they are positioned correctly, obvs.

It might seem a bit bonkers, but when it comes to festival fashion ― covering your face in glitter or wearing head-to-toe sequins ― anything goes.

The tails cost between about $24 and $40, but hurry, as the black dinosaur tail is already sold out.

While we’re all for them, it seems many are a little perplexed by the tails, especially since ASOS started to recommend the item to its fans on Facebook.


A version of this article originally appeared on HuffPost UK.

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