The Best Asparagus Recipe

Aged cheddar pairs perfectly with this vegetable.

Asparagus is one of those spring treasures that we patiently wait for all year long. Once it's finally in season, we treat it simply wanting to let the fresh flavor of this vegetable shine through. We understand and fully support this -- we like our asparagus crisp and bright green. But there are some recipes that we're willing to make an exception for and Seasons and Suppers' Creamy Asparagus and Aged Cheddar bake is definitely one of them.

When we first stumbled upon this recipe we were floored. Why had we never thought of this before? It's clearly a genius move to pair aged cheddar and asparagus; you just can't go wrong. And underneath that baked cheddar lies a rich sauce made with just the right amount of butter that's been spiced up with mustard. It's just beautiful -- in concept and aesthetics.

This recipe might not be your typical spring dish that's light, with bright flavors, but we'd happily give up all of our favorite asparagus recipes for just this one. Because, guys, it's a cheddar bake after all -- and cheddar bakes are something special.

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