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Aspen & Snowmass: A Different Perspective

Dramatic landscapes, verdant valleys and snow-capped mountains infuse Aspen and Snowmass with a beauty that demands true appreciation.
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There's no doubt about it; Aspen and Snowmass are perfect destinations for the active travelers amongst us. Whether you visit in winter or summer to ski or to mountain bike, snowboard or white water raft; adrenaline will kick in from the moment you land. But sometimes, we like to slow the pace slightly; to take a deep breath and focus on the natural splendor around us. Dramatic landscapes, verdant valleys and snow-capped mountains infuse Aspen and Snowmass with a beauty that demands true appreciation. A beauty that might just be missed in a flurry of skis & rocky biking trails. So, to make sure that doesn't happen, here's a little list of the experiences in Aspen and Snowmass that'll ensure you take stock of the wondrous landscapes around you.

Hot Air Ballooning
If you’re in Aspen or Snowmass, chances are you’ll spend a lot of your time gazing upwards at the mountains you’re skiing or boarding on. Catching a hot air balloon offers you the chance to gain a birds-eye perspective and gaze down, as well as around. The most scenic route will carry you over the Elk Mountain Range that runs through both Aspen and Snowmass and the stunning panoramas on offer will give you a newfound appreciation for the mountains, slopes and valleys. What’s more, this experience is on offer in both the summer and winter seasons allowing for sights of both snow-covered valleys and mountains as well as verdant greenery and colorful plains.
Snowshoe Tour
A scenic snowshoe tour is the perfect way to take a break from the hectic slopes; local nature experts offer guided tours on both the Snowmass and Aspen mountains. Wander through forest canopies powdered with snow and catch glimpses of the amazing wildlife that takes refuge away from the runs. Regardless of which mountain you choose to explore, you’re sure to be introduced to a thriving ecosystem that will surprise and delight; and the sweeping views afforded by mountain trekking aren’t bad either…
Yoga with a view
A revitalising yoga class is the perfect way to start any day; refreshing the mind and body first-thing in the morning can prepare you for whatever lies ahead. But this isn’t ordinary yoga, this is yoga with a view…One hour sessions on a beautiful sundeck perched on the side of Aspen Mountain are an ideal way to take in the expansive scenery on offer here. Imagine breathing in the crisp summer air as your sun salutations and warrior poses guide your vision to rolling green hills whilst eagles soar above. If you’re not attracted to the ‘group’ aspect of these sessions, then head up the Snowmass Rim Trail where a 25-foot marble Yin/Yang platform will give you the privacy to stretch and breathe solo.
Scenic gondola rides
If hot air balloons aren’t for you, then the scenic Gondola and chairlift rides might be. Enjoy heightened perspectives as you’re gradually transported from the bustling heart of Aspen to the top of Ajax Mountain in your very own gondola. You’ll glide over picturesque valleys and the bustling ski slopes will recede further and further into the distance as you approach the summit. When you get there, why not enjoy a champagne picnic as you absorb the dazzling vistas on offer? We’ll cheers to that.