Aspiring Entrepreneurs Need To Learn These 3 Lessons From Donald Trump

It was the late Nelson Mandela who said: "If you speak to a man in the language he understands, it goes to his head but if you speak to him in his language, it goes to his heart."

If there is ever someone who got this right, it was Nelson Mandela. He had the unsurmountable task of convincing a nation of millions of people to vote for him and embrace his ideologies. This was unheard of and many people didn't think it could be done. He did it.

I'm in no way comparing Donald Trump with Nelson Mandela. If I had to make a choice between the two, I would choose Nelson Mandela any day. 

However, there is something that I believe Donald Trump understands, and it is what Nelson Mandela advocated: he understands how to speak the people's language. 

He has been criticized and ridiculed for this. Many have tirelessly tried to attack him on his simple use of words even to the point of questioning his level of education.

Time and time again, this has proven to be a futile attempt as he continues to steamroll his campaign over those who get in the way.

Even though I despise some of the languages he's used and the attacks he's made on those who would oppose him, I must give him credit for his skills as a businessman and an effective communicator.

Here are 3 lessons aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from The Donald:

1. Connect with your ideal client / Know your target market

Donald Trump knows who he wants to connect with. He is focused on the segment of the nation that is very concerned about the direction the country is headed. He realized that majority of people are like him. They are angry and feel like they have no voice. He also realize that they are strongly loyal to the United States.

Even though I don't know this, but I would dare say Donald Trump has a clear picture or idea of what his ideal "client" - the angry and feeling helpless American.

He realized that he cannot be all things to all people and his position is going to make some happy and the rest highly upset.

This is a strategy for success. You cannot make all the people like you. As a matter of fact, if you take the middle road, you are going to be ineffective and unsuccessful. 

2. Have a clear message

As I reflect upon most of the other candidates, I cannot tell you what their central message was. Some did finally find a message months into the campaign and even then it was still unclear. 

There is no question what Donald Trump's message is from the very beginning. Everyone knows what that is: Make America Great Again.

It is simple. It is memorable. It is transferable. It is sticky. It is complete. It is visual.

Everyone can remember what it is even when you might not want to. As much as you try to avoid him, you cannot avoid his message. 

By having a clear message, he is able to use it as a go-to when he might not have an answer for a question or not know the hell what he is talking about. All he needs to do is say, "Making America Great Again," is his one goal.

Who cares about how he is going to do it? All that they - his adherents - want, is to have their country back and be respected as it once was. He knows this and that is why he gets away with saying things that the average candidate could not get away with.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs miss this as part of their overall goal; they don't have a clear message. They don't know what it is they are about and cannot articulate what problem they want to solve. 

3. Know what problem you are solving 

Donald Trump identified the problem that he believed most Americans have: immigration issues that's affecting their jobs and draining the economy, a weak job market because of a more attractive labor force overseas and securing our borders.

These are conversations many Americans are having in the quietness of their homes and local business gatherings. 

I don't know if he accidentally found this out or he listened.

Either way, it worked for him. He has become the Republican Nominee. 

This was not an easy feat.

Nor is it as you aspire to transition into a new career or to become an entrepreneur. Knowing what problem you are trying to solve is key to your success. 

This will help shape your message as well as keep you laser focused. You are not easily distracted. This is what Donald did.

I believe these 3 lessons will help you become, not the nominee of a party, but the nominee of your future.

Would you take a few minutes and share your comments below? I would love to hear your thoughts.