Assault Rifle Made Of Bones: New Zealand Artist Mahalski's AK-47 Art Is Creepy, For Sale (PHOTO)

Assault Rifle Made Of Bones Can Be YOURS

It's only $3,500 bones for this assault rifle.

New Zealand artist Mahalski made a life-size AK-47 completely out of animal bones, and it's up for auction.

The non-working -- but inarguably awesome -- replica features a variety of bones and skulls that the artist himself found, including rabbit, ferret, sheep, hawk, pheasant, wallaby, snake, seal, cat and possum. Mahalski says that one of the skulls once belonged to the now-extinct moa.

assault rifle bones

"The stock has the embedded skull of a seal and above it and to the left is a bone from an extinct moa which was found in a cave in Golden Bay," Mahalski writes on his website.

The starting bid for the beast, featured on, is $3,500. The auction ends on April 2. And if that doesn't fill your bone gun rack, check out these bone dueling pistols made of gull and cat vertebrae.

Mahalski writes that he's been collecting bones, shells and fossils since he was a kid -- and he's not afraid of those who have a bone to pick with his seemingly grim artwork.

"Some people might consider it ghoulish to collect bits of dead animals, but to me it isn’t about death -– it’s about life," he writes. "Like a sympathetic magician, I hope that by possessing an animal's bone a little bit of its life force will rub off onto me."

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