Assault Weapons Ban: It's Common Sense

With all of the important issues dominating the political debate, the economy, health care, International Affairs to name a few it had slipped my mind that we did not have an assault weapons ban. Then a tragedy like the one in Aurora, Colo., reminds us of it. Maybe it had slipped my mind because banning assault weapons should be a no-brainer. No NRA lobbyist can argue that assault weapons are sold for any other purpose but to kill people. You can't use them for hunting or target shooting and they are not efficient for protecting your home and family. Therefore the only reason a person would buy one is to aggressively go out and kill people. The NRA wants to argue that any attack on guns is an attack on freedom. However no one should have the freedom to buy a weapon that is just intended to kill others.

Thanks to President Clinton, we had an assault weapons ban until 2004. For the safety of innocent Americans I hope a new one will be enacted soon. If there ever was an issue to put aside partisan bickering, this is it. Let's honor the dead of Aurora by banning the type of weapon that killed many of them.

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