'Asshole Parents' Instagram Account Shows Why Reasonable Toddler Tantrums Are All Your Fault

For roughly two years, mom Kristen Howerton, who blogs at Rage Against The Minivan, has used the hashtag #assholeparent when recounting situations in which her toddler threw tantrums over random things that were most definitely the mom's fault. "For example, new shoes that were missing a light-up feature, or a meal on a pink plate and a pink cup but with an errant yellow straw," she told The Huffington Post.

After sharing a few posts with the hashtag on her social media channels, Howerton noticed other parents chiming in with their own similar stories. She decided to create an Instagram and Tumblr to invite other moms and dads to submit their photos and anecdotes to curate a collection. "I think it's a universal experience, having a small child be disappointed in something completely illogical," Howerton said.

Ultimately, the mom hopes Asshole Parents will help other parents, especially new moms and dads, "gain some levity over this phenomenon that can sometimes be really frustrating," she said. "Despite our best efforts, children are often disappointed, and I'm hoping it can be a humorous reminder that we're all in this together."

Keep scrolling and visit Asshole Parents on Instagram and Tumblr for more photos.

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