Assuming Your Rightful Role as 'The Maestro'

It seems that we never tire of developing technology so that we may invent new ways to make our physical lives more comfortable. Yet rarely do we develop our natural resources to improve our lot in life. I'm referring to natural talents that are nearer to you than the next breath you take.
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Your potential is immense beyond measure. You are a grand and majestic child of the cosmos. Your inner substance consists of a super abundance of hidden talents that make it possible for your every dream to come true. If only you knew.

It seems that we never tire of developing technology so that we may invent new ways to make our physical lives more comfortable. Yet rarely do we develop our natural resources to improve our lot in life. I'm referring to natural talents that are nearer to you than the next breath you take.

You have the power to consciously decide how your life unfolds. This power far exceeds what modern technology offers. You consciously wield this power when you develop two of your innate talents -- the ability to direct your attention so that you govern your imagination, and the capacity to control your observation until you transform a desire into faith. It's the effective use of these talents that empowers you to consciously create your fate.

When you strengthen your facility to imagine your future as you want it to be and hone your faculty to observe your imaginal acts with such intensity that they feel like actual fact -- there is nothing that can stop you from designing your destiny. It matters not whether you travel east or west, with you always goes that treasure chest that empowers you to determine the kinds of experiences in which you'll participate.

Quantum physicists have proven that there's invisible energy bombarding every atom of which you and your world consist. And every day in many ways you demonstrate your ability to manipulate that energy so your needs are supplied and your aspirations satisfied. Whenever you say with absolute certainty, "There is a way and I will find it," your attitude passes over from wishing to a conviction that will not be denied. Those are moments when your experience of feeling powerfully alive is greatly magnified, and mountains that stand between you and your ambitions shake and fall apart. In such moments your fantasies are no longer ethereal abstractions; they cross over from that other dimension into this three dimensional world as solid and measurable manifestations.

If you are to enjoy your life as you would love it to be, it's imperative that you assume your rightful position as The Maestro. At first it can feel uneasy to hold yourself accountable for being The Maestro when it comes to orchestrating you life's unfolding, however if you're willing to endure the initial confusion, soon you'll find yourself out-picturing your inner visions with predictability. To engage in the art of out-picturing is to make factual tomorrow your fantasies today without being faint of heart about it.

You are your captain, sail your ark and wipe clean your consciousness of every limiting mark. You have the capacity to take your imaginings from the realm of abstraction to the world of physical action. Well mankind has learned to plow and pick corn, and clever with the hammer and saw is he, but so few know what to do with those incredible talents that lie deep inside. Do you?

Bill Gates out-pictured his inner vision of putting a computer in every home. Oprah Winfrey out-pictured her inner vision of rising from poverty to becoming a wonderful influence in the world. Both Bill and Oprah understand their minds to be temples of creativity, yearning to express ideas that are fresh and new. Are you willing to hold yourself accountable for proving that your mind is such a temple? Are you ready to accept your rightful role as The Maestro when it comes to orchestrating your life? Are you prepared to accept the responsibility of being conscious cause of the future that unfolds for you?

Living with a conditioned mind, fraught with thoughts of NO, offers a very confining range of choices from which to create. Neither Bill nor Oprah bought into such thoughts. In order to achieve what they set out to do, they elevated their consciousness above howling NOs otherwise they never would have arrived at where they wanted to go. It's your turn now to deny those limits that your conditioned mind tries to impose. Here are three practices to help you.

  1. Practice lifting your awareness above all thoughts that have you hesitant and sluggish of foot. Narrow your observations so you proceed in life under The Law of Your Own Thoughts, and make those thoughts ones that expand, not contract your imaginal acts. Persist with this practice and you will be overcome by a feeling of self-command, for you will have cracked wide the door and crossed over the threshold to the kingdom where your highest aspirations feel natural and real for you to achieve. In that state of mind, making the invisible seeable not only feels comfortable but very agreeable. In other words -- dare to rise above your fears of failure, like the phoenix rises above its own dead ashes. With that kind of courage you will access your ability to create a reality that is utterly impossible for your conditioned mind to imagine or your reactive self to embrace. This urge to rise high is already inside, waiting for you to awaken it.

  • Sit in the stillness of the deepest part of you and practice becoming supersensitive to your life-altering skill to break through the cocoon of the usual into the incredible world of the unusual. Learn to have faith in your ability to break free from inner conditions that hamper your outer progress. This possibility is available anytime you grab the reigns of your imagination and place your attention on those visions of triumph that inspire you to soar higher. Continue this practice until you develop the habit of hungering and thirsting only for that which feels breathtaking and inspiring, and soon you will have faith that quenching your thirst is not only conceivable but achievable.
  • In other words -- learn to turn inward and sing a new song with a glad heart and faithful tone, and you will manifest a life that aligns with the lyrics that you are singing in tune. This practice invites you to take command of your passion by singing about outcomes greater than what you've already established.

  • Practice keeping your mind's eye single to the glory of one felt-vision, and stick with that vision until it feels so substantial that you cannot distinguish it from reality. When you've completely absorbed your observation into that vision -- that ethereal abstraction will soon pledge its loyalty to you. It proves its loyalty by gathering cosmic rays of life force energy to collect and densify into a tangible reality. And there it shall be for everyone to see in your three dimensional world of physicality. What most folks don't understand is that there's an intelligence in felt-visions, which has ways and means of manifesting in the world that are beyond the reasoning mind.
  • In other words -- pay attention to what you're paying attention to, for it has everything to do with what comes to you. By becoming a keen observer of your visions you become a vital participant of the creating cosmos.

    Let this blog be like a lightening flash. For just a moment, allow it to open your heart to the indescribable truth about your hidden talents and powers to create. Take a brief instant to admire these invisible jewels that shine bright inside of you by assuming the position of The Maestro. Stand tall. Don't stall. It takes but a millisecond to set yourself free so that you may experience the marvelously made being that you are here to be. If the maestro be for you -- who can possibly be against you? No one could stop Oprah. No one could stop Bill. No one can stop you.

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