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'Assville Next Left' Sign Points To The Jersey Shore

A lot of people get rear-ended in Assville. Drive carefully.

A hacked road sign pointing toward the Jersey Shore displayed "Assville Next Left" on Monday morning. A local NBC affiliate and the Upper Township mayor called the sign inaccurate and offensive -- everyone else thinks it's hilarious.

"Someone was trying to be funny," Upper Township Mayor Richard Palombo told the station. "But I think the operators of the sign need to be more aware of the fact that the security and the access to that information needs to be more secure."

It's unclear whether someone gained access to the sign on Route 49 or if it was left unsecured, but few people care. Twitter's having a blast with Assville.

Someone hacked a highway sign nearby & changed it to "ASSVILLE NEXT LEFT". People are all offended. It was on the news. THE NEWS, you guys.

— Amelia (@notbedelia) May 12, 2014

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